Overgrown Objects

Felix Pöttinger
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Partners: Tiya Dahyabhai & Andrew Richards

Overgrown Objects is an experimental furniture family made of knitted textiles. Knit is inherently stretchy; its physical properties have allowed us to naturally create a moldable fabric that questions its stability. By challenging the structural integrity of textiles, we have created a collection of self-supported knitted furniture pieces.

Whilst being influenced by organic forms, we began by trapping foam inside
of knitted elastic which allowed the soft material inside to inform the three dimensional shape of the fabric. Then by coating these forms in resin, the foam absorbs the liquid. As a result, the material hardens, creating a stable structure. Thus removing the need for any internal framework. With the aim being to create a collection of furniture pieces, it meant we could push the materials’ capabilities to challenge the notions of functionality within both textiles and conventional furniture.

By exploiting the versatile nature of knitted fabrics, we have constructed an invitingly tactile yet unfamiliar collection that embraces structure and form.

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