Freibad 9

Felix Pöttinger
Freibad 9: Photo by Martin Erd
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Creating experiences rather than rooms was the intention when we worked with the new brand „Handkraft“ to create a hub of inspiration, excitement and resources in Munich, Germany.

With a theme of celebrating the joy and honesty of good quality coffee, we created a brand experience that integrates not only the practical features, but let the users dive in to the sensual world of coffee and tea.

Showcasing the companys‘ product range in the relatively small space, the „Freibad“ strikes a balance between inspiration and expertise.
It is a working space, a space for education and inspiration.
Taking the fine traditions and heritage of coffee and tea, a contemporary style has been added to the mix to produce an exciting experience for customers and employees.

Wooden and steel tables and an modular shelving system designed by us and handcrafted by local bavarian artisans sit alongside vintage chairs, whilst the calm green and grey walls add a decorative element to the simple, polished coffeemachines and modern lighting pendants

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